Joe Campana Photography | About
Welcome, Benvenuti, Bienvenus!

I have been involved in photography for over 40 years, several of which professionally, i.e., earning my living from it. I am very passionate about photography in all its aspects, but what moves me most is photographing the wonders of the natural world, be they very large or very small. For me landscapes, nature close-up, and the occasional wildlife tracking excursion is where it's at! And when opportunity presents itself, I love to photograph places and people of different cultures.
At present I concentrate on documenting the natural wonders of the Yukon and neighbouring Alaska, and planning to do some travelling.
The Website is up and running but is still going through its growing pains. It does introduce, I believe, some good images, but it is meant in particular to document my past and present activities with no other particular goals in mind.
I sincerely hope you will find some enjoyment while viewing my images and the stories in my blog. Comments will be much appreciated.