Joe Campana Photography | Jacmel, Haiti 2010, Fête du Travail
7 photos

May 1, 2010. All the photographs in Haiti were made during a post earthquake aid trip in April, 2010. While I travelled from Port au Prince to Jacmel, I was stationed in Jacmel and had the opportunity to do some humanitarian work with and for Haitians. The excursions throughout and on the outskirts of the city allowed me to witness firsthand the situations Haitians found themselves in. The desire to photograph everything that had and was happening was overwhelming, but it was difficult, especially the photography of people, children in particular. In the end, it was done in the most tactful manner possible. In a photo journalistic way my excitement pushed me to the limit, the other part of me often held me back, influenced by the strong feeling that these poor people should be left alone!